Exterior & Interior Restoration
To provide our customers with high
quality restored/rebuilt flight helmets,
we start with an authentic military
HGU helmet shell.  Depending on
availability, the HGU shell could be an
HGU2, HGU26, HGU33, HGU55, HGU68,
HGU84, or an HGU85.  It’s important to
know that the basic shell design for all
of these shells is virtually the same. 
Finished helmets for each however
certainly have distinguishing
characteristics that make each uniquely
different.  A prime example would be the
visor housing on an HGU33.  While this makes the 33 look different from a 55 helmet, the basic appearance of the shell is nearly identical.   
Once we select the shell, if necessary we will strip it - remove all hardware, screws, liners, edge rolls, etc.  We will then fill, smooth and sand any holes, cracks, etc.  Once complete, we reassemble the helmet to reflect the model you select (HGU55, HGU33, etc.).  Next, we cover the entire shell with new 3M reflective tape, or in some cases, we paint it with a base color.  The helmet color and the squadron logos/markings are determined by the squadron you select.  Finally we reinstall all hardware, replacing any missing or damaged pieces.
As for the helmet interior, depending on
the condition, if necessary we will strip
out the old lining and replace it with a black
neoprene liner and three black leather and
foam sizing pads in the front, center and
rear (see photo). This way, we can create
a medium, large or x-large lining that will
give you a nice fit despite the shell size.
If you require a more authentic interior,
depending on availability, we can install
styrofoam shells, TPL liners, etc. for an
additional fee. 
We can also install military or civilian comms however unless specified, our
helmets are sold without communications. The comm option is only provided for US customers only as we can not ship helmets with comms to other countries.    
Standard Configuration

For fighter helmets, you can select either an HGU2/33 or HGU2/55 config.
  • 3M tape and decals (some helmets use paint for base color)
  • Elephant ears and bumper pads (HGU2/55 model)
  • Visor housing (HGU2/33 model)
  • Black rubber edge roll
  • Dark tinted visor
  • Black neoprene inner liner and 3 black leather and foam sizing pads
  • White military chin & nape straps
  • Light weight stainless steel 02 receivers
Optional Items (costs are extra)

  • Custom squad designs/logos (ask us, we might be able to help you)
  • TPL liners
  • Black military chin & nape straps
  • MBU-5 & MBU-12 O2 masks (as available)
  • Complete com sets for US customers only
         (earphones, boom mic and wiring)